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7 Fun Ways with Cross Patterning – Child Development

Cross Patterning Child Development

7 Fun Ways with Cross Patterning - Child Development

The term ‘cross patterning’ or ‘cross crawling’ involves using the opposite arm and opposite leg at the same time. This cross lateral or cross patterning action integrates both sides of the brain for optimum learning and brain communication. It enhances body awareness.

Cross Pattening - Brain Development

Cross patterning activities help activate the connection between both sides of the brain, helping them talk to one and other. For a child to experience optimum learning, both sides of the brain need to work together. Crawling is the first experience children have with the cross patterning action.

Cross Patterning Child Development

Cross Pattening - Eye Development

​Crawling also plays a vital role in the development of the eyes as it impacts on eye focus and refocus when the child looks down, then up or around, or to the direction, person or object he is crawling to.

Cross Pattening - Reading, Writing and Fine Motor Development

For effective reading and writing the eyes need to move and focus together and crawling is one of the early experienced developmental stages that can assist this. It also has a huge influence on the development of fine motor skills in the hands and strengthening the upper body as well. Running, marching and skipping are other movements that involve the cross patterning action.

Cross Patterning Child Development

The benefits of Cross Pattening

  • Enhances brain patterning
  • Improves greater body awareness and coordination
  • Enhances upper body strengthIncreases spatial awareness
  • Enhances balance
  • Increases muscle tone
  • Enhances trunk mobility (the child can twist freely during movement actions e.g. throwing a ball, dancing)
  • Improves left/right coordination
  • Increases awareness of laterality (or both sides of the body)
  • Enhances breathing and stamina 
  • Increases core strength and control

7 Fun ways to enhance Cross Pattening

  • Crawl along equipment and through hoops along the grass or at the beach
  • March with ribbons or streamers
  • March to music
  • Crawl through tunnel
  • Running games e.g. ‘Chasey’Climbing on climbing frames at parks
  • Rock climbing
  • Play wrestling with a parent or older sibling
innes park beach

​This blog has been written as one in a series of articles aimed a increasing the knowledge and skills of parents and early childhood educators within the Wide Bay Region and is part of the Moving Smart Community Project.

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