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Digital Nature Scavenger Hunt

Digital Nature Scavenger Hunt

Our Wide Bay Kids Playgroup recently went on an excursion to the Bundaberg Botanical Gardens. We played on the playground and walked over to the pond to feed the ducks, turtles and eels. It was so great to be outdoors and enjoy the beautiful gardens.

For a fun activity, I wanted to do a scavenger hunt with the children, but I wanted to do it a little differently. So rather then the traditional kinds of scavenger hunts where you collect items or cross off a paper check list, we went digital!

How to have a Digital Scavenger Hunt:

Basically all you need is a digital device that has a camera, for example an iPad. The idea is to take photos of all the interesting things you see as you wander around your nature destination.

On our Wide Bay Kids Playgroup excursion we used mini Ipads for our digital nature scavenger hunt. Parents helped children take photos of the interesting things they saw – like lizards, coloured leaves, flowers, patterned tree trunks, feathers, spider webs and more!

Here are a couple of photos we took together:


A digital nature scavenger hunt is great for all ages. It encourages you to look more closely at your surrounds and take in its unique beauty. By identifying creatures, colours, shapes, patterns and textures, you can talk with your children about these concepts in a fun way. I also like that when we used digital media we did not disturb our environments or leave paper rubbish behind.

So next time you visit a nature park or beach, why not pass on your digital devices to your children and see what amazing things they discover. At home you could make a digital slideshow, or print them off and make a journal about your excursion.

I hope you like this idea! Tell me where your favourite nature place is to visit in the Wide Bay region. I’d love to hear about your adventures.

Jillina Whittaker

Jillina is a mum of 4 terrific kids, and is the coordinator of our Wide Bay Kids Playgroup held on Mondays at the Bundaberg Neighbourhood Centre.

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