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Discover the joy of being a Family Day Care Educator

Family Day Care Bundaberg

Discover the joy of being a Family Day Care Educator

Bundaberg Baptist Family Day Care has been operating since 1983 and originated from the desire to provide child care assistance to families who strongly believed in the home-based model of child care.

Family Day Care allows educators to care for babies and young children in their own homes, providing unique family-like experiences.  Opening your home to families and children takes a special kind of person, like educator Deb Brown, who has been a Family Day Care Educator for 16 years. Deb says

“It’s a journey you travel with children.  Watching them learn, grow and succeed.  It’s the most wonderful job, to assist and support families”.

Bundaberg Baptist Family Day Care Scheme Educators operate their own small business delivering high quality child care.  The Scheme works in partnership with educators supporting and mentoring them to develop educational programming, planning and reflective practices. The Scheme oversees the implementation of the National Quality Framework and administers chid care payments on behalf of educators and families. The Scheme also supports educators with regular home visits as well as 24 hour, 7 day access to support.

When recruiting a Family Day Care Educator the Scheme looks at the professionalism and integrity of applicants.

“We value a high standard of honesty and respect as an integral part of our Scheme. Integrity encompasses commitment, trust, accountability and consideration for others”.

Child Care Manager, Sean Harper said.

“Family Day Care Educators with Bundaberg Baptist Family Day Care Scheme strive to develop and sustain safe, caring and fun environments for children and adults. It is integral that family day care environments encourage and support the development of resilience, confidence and create a sense of well-being and security for children in care.  Educators with the Scheme have the freedom to develop creative programs to help children grow as individuals”.

If you are passionate about working with children and want a flexible and rewarding career working from home, family day care may be for you.  Perhaps you have not been working while you care for your own children at home, maybe you are looking for an exciting change from Centre based employment or you are looking for a new career to suit a new phase in your life?  If so, becoming a Family Day Care Educator may be for you.

Bundaberg Baptist Family Day Care are always looking for expressions of interest to become a Family Day Care Educator. Phone (07) 41529233 or visit the website to read and download an information and application kit.

Become a Family Day Care Educator Bundaberg

Become a Family Day Care Educator Bundaberg


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