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Fay Smith Wetlands Maryborough

fay smith wetlands maryborough

Fay Smith Wetlands Maryborough

Fay Smith Wetlands Maryborough is a great little nature reserve to explore with kids. It’s one of the last remaining wetlands in the area and includes a series of well-maintained tracks and boardwalks as well as lots of local wildlife.

The Boardwalk

The timber boardwalk over the wetlands was the highlight of the reserve for us, the kids loved it.

A fairly decent sized pram fits easily over the boardwalk. I took our bike trailer pram with us.  Its the type where two kids sit side by side, so wider than a normal pram. Any standard size pram will fit on the boardwalk comfortably.

The Walking Tracks

The walking tracks consist of hard pressed dirt or grass, are well maintained and flat. A pram with rubber tyres can easily be maneuvered over them.

Next time we go we may take our trikes. Just a note the tracks are really only suitable for bikes and trikes that have wheels for the outdoors and I wouldn't recommend letting younger kids ride on the boardwalk - that would be one wet and muddy landing should they go over the edge!  Maybe bring spare clothes if you'd like to attempt this.

Exploring the boardwalk and tracks does not take long at all. We spent an hour and walked both twice pretty slowly, stopping to look for birds and butterflies on our way.

The Wildlife

At the entrance to the reserve is some signage showing the different wildlife the wetland supports. Next time I think I'll take a snapshot on my phone and set the kids the task of finding some of them as we walk around. 

The reserve hosts over 70 different types of birds so if you have a set of binoculars pack them, they'll come in handy. While you walk keep your eyes peeled for a few of the interesting plant life things to point out and talk about.

If your Wide Bay Kids have never seen wetlands before, they might be interested in the fluffy cotton like substance which is found on the bulrush or cattails around the boardwalk area.  This stuff was used by local traditional owners and makes fantastic fire tinder. They used the roots to make starch, the stalks to make baskets and mats and another part of the plant was used as an antiseptic. 

If you have a good hour to spare, Fay Smith Wetlands Maryborough is a great place to visit and is a pleasant way to occupy the kids for free. 

What's There

Walking tracks, boardwalk, lots of native birds to spot.  It’s a really pleasant place to take a stroll and get the kids out of the house and thinking about nature. 

What's Missing

Picnic tables and toilets. There is a great grassy area on the perimeter of the wetlands that would make a perfect picnic spot.


Name: Fay Smith Wetlands

Address: Cnr Vitory and Neptune Streets, Maryborough

Parking: There does not appear to be any dedicated parking but there is plenty of room on the verge of the road. The main entrance is on Neptune Street not far from where it intersects Victory Street.

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