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Inspirational Look At Our Indigenous Art, Culture

Ethan Butler Fish
Ethan Butler Fish

Inspirational Look At Our Indigenous Art, Culture

A thought-provoking exhibition at Bundaberg Regional Galleries offers a fascinating insight into Indigenous art and culture with each unique contribution telling a story.

The exhibition titled ‘Gundir Djaragim Guali’ showcases works from both new and established Indigenous artists from Central Queensland.

Community and Cultural Services portfolio spokesperson Cr Judy Peters said the exhibition was an all-too- rare opportunity to undertake a fascinating creative and cultural journey.

“Often symbolic of their dreamtime, the artist stories and creative process are as poignant as the works themselves and are reflective of Indigenous culture.

“The artistic excellence of the exhibition achieves even more meaning in light of the fact that many of the indigenous artists are self-taught or possessing inherited talent while others are mentored by elders in traditional techniques at workshops,” said Cr Peters.

Robert Rocco Langton bird and fish

Robert Rocco Langton ‘Kite Hawk Hunting, 2015, Acrylic on Canvas

“The artists are part of the Gidji Art group of approximately 50 Indigenous artists of the Central Queensland region and 14 of those are included in this exhibition.”

Artist Nicholas Abbott loves to share his work and invites feedback, saying “It is a goal of mine to try and direct my energy into the creation of art as a positive pursuit and to help lay a foundation for others to find themselves through art.”

Exhibiting artists represent more than a dozen language groups and their works have been created within the 2017 NAIDOC theme ‘our languages matter’.

Brent McLellan, Traditional Owner from Tarebilang Bunda, said the exhibition is an opportunity to give prominence to Indigenous artists and provides an essential step towards self-sustainable income for our region’s artists.

Luke Barrowcliffe Spirit Dancer 100 x 70 Photographic Print 2017

Luke Barrowcliffe, ‘Spirit Dancer’, 2015, Photographic Print

“Exhibitions like this are extremely important. It allows our people to express feelings and emotions through art. It builds confidence for our artists too and can be used as an educational tool to the general public. I believe it is helping bridge relationships between traditional owners and the wider community moving forward together,” Brent said.

Everyone is welcome to a special opening event from 5.30 pm on Friday, June 30, in Gallery Two, Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery, 1 Barolin Street. Entry is free and the exhibition is open until August 6.


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