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Kara’s passion brings performance to life in Bundaberg

Bundaberg Singing Lessons

Kara’s passion brings performance to life in Bundaberg

Kara James is a born performer.  A free spirit, lover of travel and music. Hailing from a family of musicians and dancers Kara will always have music in her life.

Inspired by her Grandfather, an incredibly talented Jazz musician, Kara studied Jazz in Brisbane before teaching music in North Queensland at a Catholic Boarding School.

Singing and dancing from a very young age, Kara also has a rich background in musical theatre, multi instrumental music studies and performance. Kara is particularly passionate about the performing arts and has a keen interest in childhood development through creative and expressive therapies.

Singing lessons bundaberg

Kara James

Kara loves working with children of all ages and finds teaching the arts to be the most rewarding career. Kara continues to strengthen her knowledge of pedagogy and child development trough sustained professional development, study and workshops in her field. She loves to learn new and innovative techniques and how they can benefit her students.

Bundaberg Academy of the Arts delivers quality performing arts training programs to students from the age of 2 years through to adults.

With private vocal coaching and group performance classes available Kara loves helping her students reach their greatest potential. Singing lessons Bundaberg is just the tip of what Bundaberg Academy of the Arts program offers.

BA ARTS specialises in singing and performance, developing a child’s voice through their changes and transitions into adulthood. Classes are designed to immerse students in vocal performance study, teaching correct age appropriate vocal techniques for varied genres, musicianship and performance delivery. Classes include group and solo choreography, in addition to drama and staging skills, to provide students with the ability to confidently deliver artistic, theatrical and creative audience engaging stage performances.

In an environment which encourages confidence, friendship and rewards personal achievement and teamwork, BA ARTS provide a well-balanced whole ARTS experience.

More info can be found on our website including fees, timetables and full class descriptions: www.baarts.com.au


Angela Stedman is a working mum of two boys, Lucas 4 and Joshua 2. Angela has been working in Advertising, Business & Project Development for over 10 years and is the brains behind Wide Bay Kids and it's not-for-profit activities.

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