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Kayaking and Canoeing with Kids

Kayaking in Bundaberg

Kayaking and Canoeing with Kids

Kayacking is something I’ve always wanted to try. I have friends with older children who own a kayak and take it out on the Burnett River quite regularly.

The thought of taking my kids out on the water was a little frightening. Water can be tricky, with tides and currents, I was more than a littleĀ uncertain. However, when the opportunity arose over the Easter school holidays to hire a kayak and canoe on a man-made lake, I jumped at it. What better way to introduce myself and the kids to this fun outdoor water sport! I’m so glad we did it!

We tested both single and double kayaks, as well as canoes. Mr 7 enjoyed the single kayak as he was able to paddle and explore by himself. He was able to balance and paddle quite easily. I was so pleased to see his confidence grow as he mastered the craft.

Mr 5 was quick to leave all the paddling up to me in the double and in the canoe. He said he enjoyed the canoe more as there was more room to move about and it wasn’t as effected by his wriggling.

Kayaking with kids bundaberg

Overall we had a great time on the water. I recommend you give it a go! Here are my tips for canoeing or kayaking with kids:-

Know how to enter and exit the craft

On the day we saw a few families take tumbles into the water when trying to enter or exit the kayaks and canoes. The easiest way with kids is to have them sit in the craft first. Then you can carefully slide on and push off from the bank. Even better if you have a third person who can hold the craft while you both enter or exit.

Kayking with kids burrum heads

Ensure you wear life jackets

Life jackets are a must when you are participating in any activity on the water. Ensure that children are wearing an appropriate jacket for their age and size. Talk to your kids about water safety: what happens if they fall into the water and how they can climb back into the kayak or canoe.

Be prepared

Take a spare set of clothes with you.No matter how experienced you are, kids always seem to get wet! Pack food and keep hydrated. Other items to take that will make the trip enjoyable for kids would be a set of binoculars and a fishing line.

Canoeing with kids

Have fun

Go slow. Take your time. Enjoy the surroundings, it’s not a race. Stop a lot and talk with your kids about what’s in the water, on the shore or in the sky.

Kayaking with kids in Bundaberg

  • Sandy Hook
  • Lake Gregory
  • Burnett River
  • Elliott Heads

Kayaking with kids in Hervey Bay

  • Australian Adventure Park, Burrum Heads
  • Hervey Bay coastline

You can hire kayaks from Kostal Kayacks in Bundaberg or visit Australian Adventure Park at Burrum Heads for a full kayak and canoe experience.


Angela Stedman is a working mum of two boys, Lucas 4 and Joshua 2. Angela has been working in Advertising, Business & Project Development for over 10 years and is the brains behind Wide Bay Kids and it's not-for-profit activities.

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