FREE Playdough Printables

Free Playdough Printables

FREE Playdough Printables!


These free playdough printables are a great quick and fun activity to do with your child.  You will receive 10 mats ready to print on A4 size paper. The playdough mats encourage creativity and vocabulary while honing in skills such as:

  • counting and number sequencingFree Playdough Printables
  • number recognition
  • pattern making
  • reading
  • writing
  • letter recognition
  • fine motor
  • hand eye coordination
  • concentration
  • left to right sequencing

What you need:


Printables, you can download your copy of our WBK Free Playdough Placemat Printables

laminator or contact

What to do:

Print out the printables

Laminate or put contact on them

Sit with your child and talk about the number.  Ask if they recognise it and what it is called.  Ask if they can show you on their fingers how many it makes.  Have them make playdough apples and put them on the tree and in the boxes under the number.  If your child is reading, cover the number up and see if they can read the number word to you.  Have them go through each number and when finished put them in order from 1 to 10.

Other variations:

  • use small playdough shapes and have cats, stars, triangles etc on the tree.
  • use a whiteboard marker and have your child draw the number of apples on the tree and place the appropriate number of ticks or crosses in the boxes under the number.
  • use a whiteboard marker and have your child trace over the number and the word.
  • use other objects such as small pompoms, shopkins, or trashies instead of playdough.
  • make a list with them of all the fruits/nuts/seeds/flowers they know that grow on a trees.

If you have some other ideas, let us know in the comments.