Sharing inspiring stories of Bundaberg-based social, community and sporting groups and how they are helping gen z and millennials feel connected and excited to get involved in the community.

Seeing how loneliness and social isolation can impact mental health inspired “Social365,” a fresh new project that highlights the amazing social, community, and sporting groups in the Bundaberg region.

Social365 is all about getting people involved in local groups to create a stronger, more connected community.  Social, community and sporting groups play a pivotal role in improving social lives and building great relationships.  This project will focus on sharing real-life stories to show the benefits of social interactions, 365 days a year.  Social365 has been inspired by the work of Wayside Chapel and their Social60 Project.

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Coming soon! Videographers will visit group get-togethers to capture members' positive experiences and the impact of their involvement. The content will be edited into engaging, shareable videos and distributed across multiple online platforms, including TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and the Welcome to Bundaberg website.

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Coming Soon! Read the stories written from conversations we've had while visiting groups. Each article is a unique story to inspire young people to explore and engage with the opportunities around them.

Download Guide Book

Coming Soon! Stories will be compiled into a printed resource, the ‘Social365 Guide Book,’ which will be distributed within the Welcome to Bundaberg Magazine, due to be released in September 2024..

Social, Community & Sporting Groups WANTED!

  • We will visit group get-togethers to capture members' positive experiences
  • Groups will be featured in the Social365 Guide Book, a printed resource distributed within the Welcome to Bundaberg Magazine
  • Groups will be highlighted in videos and shared across multiple online platforms
  • Groups will gain access to the Guide Book and videos for their own use to help promote the group and benefits of joining


Limited to 10 groups

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