Christsen Park and Playground Bargara

christsen park


Joanne is many different things. She is a single mum of two, psychology student, daughter, big sister, friend, handywomen, cook and podcast nerd! Jo has an avid interest in health and wellness which eventuated after the birth of her second child who was born allergic and intolerant to the world (or so it seemed!).

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1 Response

  1. Deborah McMillan says:

    The completion of the renovation of Christsen Park was looked forward to with much anticipation. The BBQ’s with the undercover tables, the loungers and the picnic tables near the pathway etc are excellent as well as the nice playground for the kids. I used to picnic on the grass at Christsen before the renovation if we were too late to grab a table and BBQ. The area was quite large and children could play in the playground and the occasional game involving a ball didnt interfere with anyone.
    Now however its all changed. Despite how much nicer it looks, no longer can anyone just simply put down a picnic blanket, bring out the sandwiches and cold drinks and relax. My first attempted picnic was interrupted by a ball knocking over my soft drink, followed by the same ball landing hard on my back. On my second visit we decided it would be safer to sit at a table near a lounger. As we blissfully gazed out to sea a ball came flying onto our table landing in the middle of our lunch. Later that day after we had decided we had seen it all a father and son threw a football around our table over our heads as if we were not there. This park is described as a picnic area but seriously how can anyone safely picnic when selfish people are behaving like the park is their own personal backyard. I am not against small children gently playing with a small ball but I am now seeing adults playing football here. The area can get quite crowded and its a shared space so I do think there needs to be respect for one another. Right now I am not seeing that. It seems to be too one sided with soccer and football games taking precedence over picnickers.