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Swimming Lessons

In addition to learning a life-saving technique, swimming lessons have other great benefits for both children and adults. Swimming lessons can encourage a lifetime of healthy habbits. Swimming is a low impact sport which means it's very low impact on your body. It's never too late to learn to swim and babies can commence water familiarisation lessons as early as 4 months old. 

Find learn to swim providers in Bundaberg and Fraser Coast
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Bundaberg Swimming Academy

Bundaberg Swim Academy offers a full range of swim programs for babies, children, teenagers and adults. The facilities include an indoor 25m lap pool, an outdoor heated 25m lap pool, an indoor hydrotherapy pool (ideal for our babies lessons) and an outdoor heated water park. The program operates all year round.

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DNA Aquatics Learn to Swim

DNA Aquatics have a mission to provide children with swimming skills so that they can enjoy a healthy and active fun lifestyle in and around water. They’re a seasonal swim school operating from Kepnock State High School Pool. The large outdoor pool is in direct sunlight creating the optimum temperature for their operating season from September to April.

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Rum City Masters

Provide fun, friendship and fitness through swimming to all members of the community from 18 years of age.
Provide improvement in stroke techniques and opportunities for competitive swimming as well as swimming for fitness.
An interactive social life


Our local guide provides the contact details, location of sporting clubs and organisations in the Bundaberg region. Sports for kids Bundaberg, Fraser Coast, North Burnett we've got it covered!

It's proven that playing a sport has a whole bunch of positives, particularly for kids. Overall, sports for kids can lead to healthy bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons, better balance and coordination, improve the posture and vastly improved sleep. Kids who play sport often are more relaxed, comfortable in social situations, and able to work as part of a team. We've put together this list of sports and sport club contacts to help you in your quest to find a sport for your Wide Bay Kids.