Paint Bundy REaD

Paint Bundy REaD


Paint Bundy REaD is an early literacy community project which aims to have our whole community reading, talking, singing, rhyming, drawing, yarning and moving with children from birth. We’re doing this to ensure kids will be ready for reading and writing when they get to school.

The purpose of Paint Bundy REaD

The Bundaberg region’s early language and literacy results are one of the poorest in Queensland. Many of our local children are presenting to prep classes not ready to start learning how to read or write.  Countless numbers of children in our community have never had the joy of picking up a book, being read to or experiencing special reading time with their parents.

Paint Bundy REaD aims to change this. It is a 10 year early language and literacy initiative which plans to turn these results around. It will be the glue that brings together a number of local projects including First 5 Forever, Dad’s Read, One Book One Bundy and various Bundaberg Family & Baby Network projects.

Paint Bundy REaD is an initiative of the Bundaberg Family and Baby Network in partnership with Bundaberg Regional Libraries First 5 Forever.

Launch of Bundaberg’s reading eggs

Paint Bundy REaD

Mon Repos Turtle Centre Ranger, Cathy Gatley found some mysterious eggs washed up on the Beach at Mon Repos. The eggs came with instructions explaining each time they are read to, talked to, or sung to: they would grow and be one step closer to hatching. Cathy left the eggs with the Bundaberg Library as she felt this was the perfect place for the children of Bundaberg to read, sing and talk to the eggs.

Throughout their growth the eggs visited Midwife, Klare Craven-Hughes, from Embrace Midwifery. Klare performed regular check-ups on the eggs and was always very impressed with how they doubled in size each time she saw them.

Paint Bundy REaD

Hatching of the reading eggs

Hatching day was held on  August 22. This date coincided with the start of Book Week 2016 and the launch of Bundaberg Libraries Dad’s Read initiative. On this day the eggs merged into one egg and out hatched a turtle!  You can read more about the hatching ceremony here

paint bundy read hatching day

Get the eggs and mascot at your centre, school, kindy

The eggs and mascot are currently making their way around local childcare centres, schools and kindy’s. Children are loving the experience of singing, reading and talking to the eggs. If you would like the eggs to visit your organisation please make contact with Becky Spruce.

One Book One Bundy


One Book One Bundy is an exciting community engagement project initiated by the Bundaberg Family and Baby Network in collaboration with the Bundaberg Library First Five Forever Project and the broader community of Bundaberg.

This project promotes early language and literacy across an entire year using one book. This year the focus book is Who Sank the Boat by Pamela Allen.

To join in and participate in this project download a copy of the Who sank the boat resource kit which is full of ideas and inspiration.

In 2015 the focus book was Hattie and the Fox by Mem Fox.  Read our blog on how Bundy turned Hattie which includes a list of resources and suggested activities based around this book.